Soraya 70



SORAYA 70 is a 1680GT transoceanic luxurious superyacht designed for an unprecedented quality of onboard living. This larger model embodies aesthetic and technical solutions in an astounding innovative approach with superb design features. Throughout her four decks, functional and elegant living areas offer an unprecedented level of spaciousness and luxurious comfort, which are even further enhanced by superb noise/vibration control and motion stabilization.

Her dramatic visual appearance, stunning spaciousness, reliable performance and superb technical features make SORAYA 70 a perfect self-sufficient private island on the move. Able to accommodate even the larger models of helicopter, SORAYA 70 offers all the pleasures of onboard living whilst being a long-range and fuel efficient yacht.


The state-of-the-art naval architecture, combined with superb sound & vibration control, enable SORAYA 70 to reach her top-speed of 16.5 knots with utmost passengers comfort.

Her IP-integrated Bridge and SICCS integrated cabin control systems enable control of all superyacht features through a network based system anywhere on the yacht. Latest technologies for real-time monitoring of all key systems and devices from ashore enable land-based experts to detect any potential issues and inform the vessel engineers and crew, to give them precise instructions and even dispatch necessary materials before any serious malfunction occurs.
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Soraya Yacht 70

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