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SORAYA 70 is a masterpiece of modern design, a dynamic rhyme of flowing lines and curves, designed by Jure
Bukavec of Unielle Yacht Design, who also designed the SORAYA 46.

The most noticeable design feature on this amazing superyacht is the vertical glass section flowing from the top of the sundeck down to just above the first deck. Behind this tinted glass there is a major tectonic shift in the deck level – creating two salons with over 3m headroom! Full-height windows enable stunning unobstructed vistas, while the height of these two salons offer an unparalleled roominess and airy feel - a truly impressive setting that encourages both daydreaming and socializing.

On a ship that can accommodate 12 guests and 19 crew, the owner will enjoy unlimited luxurious comfort and privacy on more than 200 m2 of living area, with 53 m2 of forward deck space conveniently equipped with a Jacuzzi.

Two other decks with dedicated guest areas have spacious VIP suites and guest cabins in different layouts, which provide a convenient option for more privacy and comfort to all passengers.

Another visually striking, and, at the same time fabulously functional feature is a 6m long infinity pool, that visually appears to flow down to the sea. When the transom door is open, it adds over 100 square meters of teak deck welcoming both guests who enjoy water-sports as well as those, who enjoy listening to the sea splashing on the stable and silent hull of SORAYA 70.

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Soraya Yacht 46

Soraya Yacht 70

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