Soraya 46


SORAYA 46 is a true gem among yachts of her class - impressive and opulent, with numerous cutting-edge technological innovations and offering the ultimate level of comfort to its passengers.


Designed and built in compliance with RINA and MCA standards, SORAYA 46 can accommodate 10 passengers in 5 cabins and 9 crew. Her multi-functional layout offers both privacy and expansive social areas for owner and guests alike, with crew operational paths and accommodations completely separate from guest facilities. Throughout her spacious and elegantly furbished decks, her owners and guests will enjoy diversity of possible activities as well as a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in different areas.

Interiors have been designed and executed through laser-precision of CAD-cutting of furbishing and furniture made from elegant materials of excellent quality and hand-finished to perfection by world-renowned Bobič Yacht Interior. The interior design by Aleš Bratina exudes timeless elegance and sophistication, which serves as an elegant background for the owner to add their personal touch and create a unique ambiance by adding soft furnishings, decorum and artworks of their choice.

A careful choice of machinery and supporting systems, combined with a special battery-powered “Night mode” and excellent sound-proofing of guests cabins, ensures exceptionally silent and relaxing environment. Zero Speed stabilizers keep SORAYA 46’s sturdy steel hull stabile not only while sailing but also at anchor, allowing an enjoyable seagoing experience even for more sensitive guests.


Every feature of SORAYA 46 adds practicality while enhancing her eye appeal. The retractable hydraulic helipad at the bow, while in open position, serves as a practical and safe operational and recreational space for the crew, as well as a storage for mooring equipment. Right behind it is a double hatch where the crew/rescue tender is stored. Another large storage area at the stern keeps the yacht’s decks clutter-free. The entire stern transom opens into a huge swim platform, providing easy access to tenders and water toys.

Illumination of this superyacht’s interior and exterior has been designed in collaboration with specialist light-designers in order to enhance her beauty and create different ambience and mood for different occasions. SICCS® (Soraya Integrated Communication Control System) is a wireless IP controlled system, which provides user-friendly control of illumination, heating & cooling, audio/video, wireless global communication and supervision of yacht’s major functions. By using the latest LED light fixtures also for exterior and underwater illumination, we have achieved impressive visual effects and huge savings in energy consumption. At night, SORAYA 46’s spectacular exterior and underwater illumination presents a warm and inviting beacon for her owner and guests.

The latest IP technology, combined with the state-of-the-art achievements in antenna downsizing, enables constant exchange of information with shore-based experts for machinery monitoring, detection & diagnostics of potential future problems, thus enabling prevention of malfunctions and efficient planning of servicing, which results in considerable savings of time and money.

SORAYA 46’s worldwide communications capability, combined with helicopter access, enables uninterrupted business activities while living onboard. Full-featured audio-visual equipment and pre-set themed illumination for yacht’s interior and exterior, provide multiple options for socializing and VIP events.
SORAYA 46 has a cruising speed of 12 knots, can reach max speed of 16 knots, and has an impressive range of 4500 nm from her 70000-litre fuel tanks.

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Soraya Yacht 46

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