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On all four decks, the layout of the Soraya 46 has been meticulously configured to provide functionality and comfort, offering areas for both privacy and socializing.

THE LOWER DECK with 4 or 5 guest cabins is carefully designed and luxuriously furbished for maximum peace and comfort, with the latest entertainment equipment in all rooms. Each cabin is connected to an IP system which enables not only the control of HVAC functions and illumination but also the intercom, telephone and internet connection.

THE MAIN DECK hosts dining and socializing areas, with full height windows for panoramic views, an extremely well equipped galley with large cold room and cleverly positioned spacious Owner’s cabin of 54m2, furbished for onboard living with maximum privacy and comfort. The galley features stainless steel surfaces and is equipped with top-quality appliances. Due to its location, it serves as a buffer, preventing noise and disturbance caused by other guests to interfere with privacy and peace of the Owner’s cabin.

THE UPPER DECK offers additional areas for socializing and entertaining, capable of hosting 12 guests for al fresco dining with sweeping panoramic views, and offering 70m2 large salon suitable for both corporate events and private parties. There is a second cocktail bar here, with separate seating areas and a superb audio/video system, suitable for everything from sales presentations to simply providing background music.

THE SUN DECK with 100m and a 2,3m jacuzzi-tub surrounded with comfortably cushioned area will certainly be a popular area all day, and well into late night. A wet-bar is a must in such a popular socializing location.

DEVELOPING NEW TECHNOLOGIES An innovative, state-of-the-art IP network, custom designed for SORAYA 46 by Cisco Systems and Goap d.o.o., is the “nerve system” of this magnificent yacht. Every major function of the ship, from engines and power generators to CCTV security systems, HVAC and much more can be monitored in real-time by the crew as well as from any onshore location with internet access, anywhere in the world. Special attention is given to monitoring of the engines by Caterpillar experts onshore, enabling prompt and accurate advice and prevention of potential problems, as well as an efficient delivery of spare parts. IP system also channels and controls VOIP Telephony, fixed and wireless intercom, internet access, HVAC control, interior and exterior illumination, TV/audio/entertainment system. The security system includes CCTV and movement sensors with onboard and onshore monitoring and alarm. It also features real-time monitoring of the yacht’s location anywhere in the world.


The yacht’s exterior is an eye-catcher: ultra–modern yet elegant, an eclectic mixture of timeless elegance and impressive navy-tech appearance. At night, her exterior is attractively enhanced by spectacular architectural illumination and stunning underwater lighting. Most of the special illumination is done through efficient cutting edge LED technology, resulting in economical performance.
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Soraya Yacht 46

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