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Since the beginning of our superyacht production activities in 2008, our journey has been a quest for excellence, dedicated towards setting new standards of quality, safety and comfort through our range of 21st century mega yachts.

Gentech Ltd. is part of a group of highly successful international companies operating in a number of fields such as business aviation, engineering and project management, real estate development and fashion retail.

Our Project Management Office is located in Ljubljana, Slovenia, a country renowned among experts in yachting industry for its excellent yacht designers, naval engineers, producers of high-quality boats, yacht furnishings and naval technology systems. For our shipyard facility location, we have chosen the Antalya Free Zone in Turkey, technically and logistically very convenient location for such a large-scale international project.

Our first completed superyacht is SORAYA 46, a stunning fusion of high-tech innovation and contemporary design. This luxurious trans-oceanic, semi-displacement ship is an impressive embodiment of our team's creativity, passion and determination. Our professionally trained and skilled employees work with renowned experts and project managers from Europe and the USA. The quality of our yacht production is under supervision of Royale Oceanic surveyors, a world renowned authority in their field of expertise.

With passion and commitment to deliver superb products and services, we are continuously moving forward and pushing the boundaries. Our new model – a stunning SORAYA 70 - is our second collaboration with Jure Bukavec of Unielle Yacht Design, and this seriously dramatic concept design has received unanimous accolades from superyacht industry experts and clients.

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Soraya Yacht 46

Soraya Yacht 70

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